Mila, Sebastian, and the Twins

Money shot better

Sebastian is a father of three who had a great idea. You see, he owns a Samoa Orange Audi R8. He also has a 1-year old baby girl named Mila. So he bought a toy R8 for Mila, but it wasn’t Samoa Orange.

What’s a loving father to do?

Have it painted the same shade of Samoa Orange at a real automotive paint shop with authentic car paint.

And a clear coat ^_^.


It was hot…

Crying with Daddy

…and Mila let us know when she wasn’t feeling it.

Not Happy walking away

But overall she was great! (Don’t worry parents, Mila was cool in mom’s air conditioned truck during setup for each scene.)

Fun shot baby in car Fun Windshield Clouds

Mila and dad looked great together. But next time we’ll have to get mom in there too. Perhaps we’ll need a third R8? ^_^

Wholesome Family shot with cars