Ziggy, Sandra and Debi

Myself, a few fellow photographers and a well dressed son decided we would run out to Brenham, TX looking for old barns and bluebonnets.

We made it past Chapel Hill without finding any barns or bluebonnets.  After an hour of searching we decided to take a break at a community park, stretch our legs and pose.

Say Cheese Debi!   Attitude Sandra!

brenham childrens photographer

And playtime Ziggy!

brenham childrens photographerbrenham children photographer

Ziggy enjoyed the break!

brenham children photographer

After the break we hopped back into the car and drove around back roads for another thirty minutes, finally ending up on a pretty hill overlooking a small valley.  Ziggy didn’t want to walk out there without momma.

brenham children photographer

But once out there, he was fine.  Don’t move Ziggy!!  (snap snap!)  Good job!


brenham children photographer

Alright, time to head on to the next spot!

brenham children photographer brenham children photographer

As we were driving out, we found this fella trying to decide whether to sleep or eat.

brenham children photographer

And onward we went until we ended up in … Winkelman TX?  Definitely a Ghost Town.

brenham childrens photographer

And finally we stopped for BBQ on the way home.  By this time Ziggy was out cold.  Too much excitement for him today!  More BBQ for us!  🙂

brenham childrens photographer brenham childrens photographer

Thanks Ladies and Thanks Ziggy!