Salwa Owens Fashion Shoot #6

Also from a few months ago, here is a recap of our shoot of Salwa Owens’s “tips for mixing” from Salwa’s blog

“4 Easy to Follow Tips for Mixing Prints

When mixing prints was first introduced as a trend, it was written off by most as one for the fashion forward only.  No one thought this trend would last. But more than a trend, it’s become a fashion “practice” (for lack of better word) that you can do any season. When shooting this look, I was just having fun dressing up some SO Fierce Boutique accessories and wanted to wear these tights, scarf, and hat in an unconventional day. I didn’t intend to use it to demonstrate the mixing prints trend, however I quickly realized it demonstrated 4 key pointers to mixing prints for beginners.

Salwa Owens 2016

1- MIX PRINTS IN A SIMILAR SCALE |  When mixing prints, unless you’re a pro, try to stick to prints in a smilmar scale. If you’re trying to ease into this trend, stripes and poka dots are the most fail proof options. My blouse in this look has stripes, my tights have polka dots, and they are both similar in scale so they go together harmoniously.

2- HAVE A DOMINANT PRINT | Like in any relationship, there will always be one that’s a bit stronger and dominates. That’s almost essential to make this print mixing relationship work. What does that mean in more practical terms? One print should cover less area than the other, and/ or be less intense in color or fabric thickness.  In my look, the blouse is a bright contrast black and white stripe print, and the tights are sheer, which make the blouse the dominant print. The tights having that sheer element help the two work together without competing for attention.

3- ONE COLOR STORY | Stay in a cohesive color story. In my look, I stuck to a simple black, white, and maroon color story to keep things cohesive. Two to three colors is a good number but more than that, it can start to get a little busy.

4- ADD TEXTURE | Adding a textured piece, such as the faux fur scarf in my look, will add more depth to the look and take some focus away from the fact that there are two different prints going on. Furthermore, adding something of a soft texture like this scarf, on top of a crisp button down generally comes together nicely. The mixing of hard and soft creates harmony and depth.

So ladies, go into your closet, take some of your favorite old pieces (I’ve had this top and these shorts for years) and reinvent them for 2016 by mixing and matching them in unexpected ways. Have fun and take some risks!

Here’s a few more images taken in my beautiful hometown of Houston, TX by Custom Minds Photography.

Uptown Park Fashion Photographer Uptown Park Fashion Photographer Uptown Park Fashion Photographer

Thanks as always Salwa!