Salwa Owens Fashion Shoot #1

A month ago we jumped at the opportunity to take photos for Salwa Owens’ new clothing line, that is being released today.  She had three full wardrobe changes and we got some great photos of each outfit.  Since she is posting first on her blog, we are a day or two behind her in releasing the images. This will be the first installment of three for her line.  We plan to release a new set each Wednesday over the next two weeks.

When we took these, it was a nice crisp 95 degrees here in Houston.  The location was at Jones Hall in downtown.

While she looks super serious and professional, Salwa had a great personality — being funny and very outgoing.  A pleasure to work with!

Red Pants - 4

Red Pants - 2Red Pants - 1Red Pants - 3

You can check out more at

Thank you Salwa!