Deniz plays football (that’s soccer in the U.S.).  And he plays it well.

We started early in the morning over by the old Spring Branch High School, but that didn’t stop the Houston sun from beating down on us for the entire shoot.  It felt way above 100.  Deniz definitely soldiered through the heat and his tricks and kicks were very quick, but we feel we helped him capture the moment.

(click on a photo to zoom in)



Here are some awesome jumping photos with the sun beaming straight into the camera lens.  We shoot up to 1/8000ths of a second shutter speed, so the equipment was hard at work!


A few action shots of ball handling and kicking.

soccer-01 Houston and Katy Soccer Photographersoccer-07

And a few awesome poses for the house wall and dad’s office desk!

Katy football photographersoccer-04

Thanks again Deniz!